You’re Never Too Young For Term Life Insurance


There are many reasons why you may not be considering term life insurance. Perhaps you think you can’t afford it or you think it’s not important for someone your age. The truth is if you meet any or plan on meeting any of the following criteria, then you’re not too young for a term life policy.

Your Age

When you’re young, you are also relatively healthy. Term life insurance premiums can be much lower and affordable for your budget. A 25 year-old nonsmoking female can pay as little as $15 a month for $1,000,000 in total benefits, protecting your entire projected income through the age of 65.

Do you have debt?

That debt may not disappear when you die. It could possibly be passed on to a surviving family member or cosigner. With term life insurance, you can be certain others have the money to pay off your debts, including student loans.

Are you married? Engaged?

If you’re recently married or engaged it’s very important to start planning for the unexpected. With combined incomes, it’s easier to purchase houses or make plans for the future. When one of you dies without life insurance, you or your spouse could be left in troubling circumstances beyond your funeral. Term life insurance can replace part or all of you or your spouse’s income, providing peace of mind through the difficult times that follow.

Do you have a kid or do you plan on having children?

You’ll need to think about their futures, too. Unfortunately, bad things happen, and it’s important to have a plan. You’ll feel more secure knowing your children can afford everything from the basics all the way through college and beyond.

So, now the question is: do you want to protect your family’s hopes and dreams?

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