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Even if you’ve never researched life insurance, you’re probably aware that a quote is affected by the future policyholder’s personal information. There are factors you can change such as weight or smoking, as well as factors out of your control such as age or family medical history. What some don’t realize is that aspects of how you live your life also have potential to affect your quote.

High-risk hobbies are any activities that can be potentially life endangering. If you frequently engage in activities like skydiving, rock climbing, scuba diving, et cetera, then you may expect higher premiums. Just how much higher can range from company to company. It’s still recommendable for anyone who loves thrills to find a policy that will protect their family. It’s absolutely possible to find an affordable premium without giving up your hobbies.

Bad driving records are also considered high-risk lifestyle habits. Insurance companies will look into any tickets, accidents, and DUI accounts on your record from the state DMV when determining your quote. As with dangerous hobbies, dangerous driving is considered life threatening and will result in higher premiums.

Whether you fall into all or none of these categories it’s easy to discover an affordable plan.


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