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So, what really happens during a paramedical exam?

A paramedical (paramed) exam is the free check-up a prospective policyholder will take before their application for life insurance is approved. Life insurance companies use the information to assess what premium discounts you’ll receive. Most policies require an exam, so here’s what to expect during yours.

A medical professional, typically a nurse, will come to your house or office to perform the paramed exam. But, some exams can take place in a medical environment like a doctor’s office or a lab facility. The exam will usually last no longer than 30 minutes, and is made up of two segments.

The verbal questionnaire is the first and likely longest segment of the paramed exam. The examiner will ask questions pertaining to your family’s and your medical history, as well as the medications you are currently taking. They will also inquire about your lifestyle habits, for example smoking, drinking, and any recreational drug use. As with the preliminary application process, it is best to be honest with your answers.

The second part of the exam involves the physical tests. The examiner will note your height, weight, and also take your pulse. They will also take urine and blood samples to test for cholesterol levels, HIV, drug use, et cetera.

Depending on the policy of the life insurance company, there may also be an ECG or EKG test. It is common for your life insurance agent to make you aware of the exact tests that will be performed the next day. We will remind you of the exact tests that will be performed the day before your exam. And, if you would like, we can deliver the results to you at absolutely no cost.

Once you’re finished with the exam, you’re that much closer to protecting your future and being approved for your term life insurance policy. Discover the premium for which you are eligible by filling out the form below.

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