How To Create Your Happily Ever After


After getting married, possibly the last topic of conversation that a couple wants to talk about is unexpected death. But, now with your future’s tied, you have an obligation to plan for the unexpected–not to mention, any dependents you may or may not gather along the way. Here are some reasons why you should buy a term life policy as soon as possible.

The Younger You Are The Better

If you’re thinking about purchasing a term life policy, then the time to buy is now. Even if you weren’t thinking about it, the time to buy is still now. Age is one of the most important factors that contribute to the calculation of premiums. Locking yourself into a low premium term life policy now will help keep your expenses low for your future.

What’s Theirs is Yours and Vice Versa

Now that you’re married, there’s a possibility that you will be responsible for your spouse’s debt when they die, and they will be responsible for yours. This can be an unexpected expense in an already emotionally taxing situation. The good news is you can prepare for this by finding a term life policy. With the right term life policy, you can make sure your income lives on long after you and your debt die.

You Need To Cover Your Dependents

Combined incomes can make the cost of childcare, education, and healthcare more affordable. If you have children already, then now is the time to make plans for their care when one of you dies. Term life insurance offers affordable protection for your family’s spendable income and makes your paycheck live on.

So, now the question is: do you want to protect your family’s hopes and dreams?

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