3 Reasons Why You’re Wrong About Life Insurance


1. You Don’t Think You’re Rich Enough

Many people have it in their heads that life insurance is expensive and only worthwhile to those who are wealthy. While this may be true of some whole life policies, most term life policies are built for just about anyone. Since term life policies are meant to provide income replacement when you die for a certain amount of time, the premiums can potentially be lower than $200 a year. Take advantage of our discovery tool and find a premium appropriate for you.

2. You Have Enough Money For Your Funeral

Maybe you think that you’ve got enough money saved up for your funeral, and that’s all you need. If you have dependents of any sort, then you’ll need a term life insurance plan that will keep them financially stable beyond your funeral.  Life insurance goes far beyond covering final expenses like funerals and medical bills, and extends to financial obligations such as student loans or your children’s college education.

3. You Think Life Insurance is a Scam

It’s understandable to be weary of something that seemingly only benefits you upon your death. But life insurance isn’t just about death, it’s about making sure those who survive you have what they need to enjoy their lives.

It’s simple to use our discovery tool to see how life insurance can work for you. Try is and see!


So, now the question is: do you want to protect your family’s hopes and dreams?

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